New Video: Changing the batteries on the Coefficient

It's a procedure you'll only have to do every 3-4 years, but changing the batteries is a relatively straightforward affair. Whenever one battery needs to be replaced, we always recommend replacing both the Enduro-Lume and movement batteries in order to reduce the frequency with which the watch needs to be opened.

Once you've opened the caseback, we've engineered Enduro-Lume system to have a toolless battery replacement process. Lifting the Enduro-Lume battery module off of its pins provides access to the movement, and you can swap the CR2025 battery with nothing but your fingers (however we recommend wearing nitrile gloves or finger cots to avoid getting dirt and oil inside the watch).

With the movement exposed, replace the 371 battery in the Ronda 715 movement as with other Swiss quartz movements of this design. If you have never replaced a watch movement battery before, we strongly urge you to take it to a jeweler or watchmaker with experience in order to avoid damaging the movement.

Check out the video below for a detailed walkthrough.