Press release: Introducing Enduro-Lume™ and Official PAR WEBER Website Launch


PAR WEBER unveils Enduro-Lume™: next-generation always-on illumination technology for wristwatches, and the Coefficient: the first Enduro-Lume™ timepiece.


CHICAGO - November 6, 2019 - PAR WEBER today unveiled Enduro-Lume™, a revolutionary new illumination technology for wristwatches. Enduro-Lume™ surpasses alternatives currently on the market: Enduro-Lume™ is always on - it does not fade like glow-in-the-dark watches - and unlike other "always-on" technologies, it is not radioactive.

"We are excited to announce the launch of our website and to unveil Enduro-Lume™. For years, there has been a stark trade-off when choosing a luminous wristwatch: either you buy a glow-in-the-dark watch that fades after an hour or so, or you buy a radioactive tritium watch that progressively and irreversibly loses its glow from the moment it's manufactured," said Jon Weber, founder and President of PAR WEBER. "Enduro-Lume™ glows continuously and will last as long as your watch."


ENDURO-LUME™: Next Generation Lume Technology

Enduro-Lume™ is an electroluminescent system that uses semiconductor technology most familiar to consumers from LED light bulbs. While button-activated LED lamps have been used in wristwatches for some time, these lamps require manual activation and can only be used for a few seconds at a time to avoid draining the battery. PAR WEBER's patent-pending Enduro-Lume™ technology makes it possible to illuminate the watch continuously while achieving incredible battery life. In fact, the Enduro-Lume™ system is calibrated to have the same battery replacement interval as a quartz movement: between 2.5 and 4 years (depending on the battery manufacturer and operating conditions). For individuals who already rely on the extraordinary accuracy and reliability of quartz movements, Enduro-Lume™ adds no meaningful maintenance.


COEFFICIENT: The First Timepiece to Feature Enduro-Lume™

In tandem with the announcement of Enduro-Lume™, its patent-pending always-on illumination technology, PAR WEBER introduced today the first timepiece to incorporate Enduro-Lume™: the Coefficient.

"The Coefficient is durable, functional, and precise. It's designed to serve its primary purpose - telling the time clearly and accurately - superlatively well," said Jon Weber founder and President of PAR WEBER. "An innovation like Enduro-Lume™ gives it always-on readability in darkness, but the Coefficient also includes a number of clever features that will be appreciated by those who depend on their watch day in and day out."

Some of those features include an extra-tall, bidirectional "aperture ring" bezel (so-called for its similarity to the aperture ring on interchangeable camera lenses), high-mounted crown with offset crown guards, and 20mm-wide drilled lugs. The Coefficient is made of PVD-coated steel and is water resistant to a depth of 100 meters / 330 feet. It has a zero-distortion sapphire glass crystal.

The Enduro-Lume™ system is manufactured in the United States with 80% American content and the Coefficient is made to the highest standards of watchmaking: it is assembled and tested in Switzerland, and has a Swiss-made quartz movement.



Key componentry entered production this month, and PAR WEBER is opening sign-up for invitations to learn when pre-orders begin. Invitations are free and open to the public. Invitation holders will be the first to learn when pre-orders open in early 2020 and will be eligible for special pre-order pricing. Retail pricing has yet to be announced.



PAR WEBER is a Chicago-based company whose mission is to design and deliver superior equipment. PAR WEBER's first product, the Coefficient, is a wristwatch that features a patent-pending illumination system, Enduro-Lume™.


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