Press Release: PAR WEBER Opens Pre-Orders for The Coefficient


PAR WEBER Opens Pre-Orders for The Coefficient, the First Enduro-Lume Timepiece. Pre-Order Pricing for First Edition timepieces is $579.

CHICAGO - March 5, 2020 - PAR WEBER has opened pre-orders for the first Enduro-Lume™ timepiece, The Coefficient.

Enduro-Lume™ is PAR WEBER's revolutionary patent-pending illumination system for wristwatches. Enduro-Lume™ is always on: it does not fade like glow-in-the-dark watches, and unlike other "always-on" technologies, it is not radioactive.


ENDURO-LUME™: Next Generation Lume Technology

Enduro-Lume™ is an electroluminescent system for wristwatches that, unlike any electronic illumination system to come before it, operates continuously for up to 3-4 years before needing a fresh battery. There's no button to press, no two second timer. The timepiece is illuminated by a cool white glow at all times.

This feat is made possible by the combination of specialized circuitry and precision materials engineering. Twelve purpose-built LEDs (concealed beneath the bezel at the hour indices) and a carefully constructed multiplex dial enable Enduro-Lume™ to illuminate the entirety of the watch face while consuming extremely small amounts of power.

"Enduro-Lume™ is a step-change in how we think about wristwatch illumination. We've all had the experience of glow-in-the-dark lume that doesn't last long enough, or fiddling around with a button just to get a two-second opportunity to read the time. Enduro-Lume™ is simple - just look at your watch and read the time. No button, no radioactive isotopes, no need to charge it under a light. It just works." said Jon Weber, founder and President of PAR WEBER.


THE COEFFICIENT: Pre-Orders Now Open for Limited First Edition Timepieces

PAR WEBER designed The Coefficient with three major performance objectives: to be legible, tough, and reliable. It's made for those who depend on their wristwatch day in and day out.

The Coefficient achieves these objectives thanks to its high contrast dial and always-on illumination system, the time-tested materials in its construction (PVD coated steel and a sapphire glass crystal), and a practical and extremely accurate Swiss-made quartz movement.

PAR WEBER partnered with top tier manufacturers in the United States and Switzerland to build The Coefficient. The Enduro-Lume™ system is manufactured in the United States (80% U.S. content) and built into the timepieces in Switzerland according to Swiss standards.

Pre-Orders are now available only at Pre-Order pricing is $579 (The Coefficient will retail for $599).



PAR WEBER is a Chicago-based company whose mission is to design and deliver superior equipment. Founded in 2019, PAR WEBER's first product is a wristwatch that features a patent-pending illumination system, Enduro-Lume™.


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