Quick Preview: What's in The Box

Here's a look at what you'll get in the box with your order of the First Edition Coefficient:

  1. Product literature, with authenticity doc
  2. Spring bar tool and extra spring bars (for swapping out straps)
  3. An olive drab "Weber-Type" nylon strap. This strap is a hybrid between a NATO strap and a Zulu, which gives it a number of different sizing configurations (which we'll discuss in more detail in a future update and video)
  4. The Coefficient itself, with black leather strap and PVD buckle


Our mission is to design and deliver superior equipment, and big part of that is to work with supply chain partners we know and trust.  All of our packaging is made in the USA.

The box itself is made here in the city of Chicago, in a plant located about 15 minutes from our workshop.

Sourcing locally enables us to be supremely confident in the quality of product we make - from the Enduro-Lume™ illumination system inside the timepiece (manufactured with partners in multiple states) to the packaging you see here. We're proud to partner with American manufacturers and support the continued regrowth of this sector.