The "Weber-type" NATO strap

Nylon NATO and Zulu straps deserve their popularity. They are comfortable, hard-wearing, waterproof, and keep your watch secure even in the event of an accidental spring bar extraction.

Included with every PAR WEBER Coefficient is our take on a nylon single-piece strap. It is a hybrid strap: it features the single-piece design of a Zulu, combined with the seatbelt material and hardware of a high-end NATO.

The "Weber-type" hybrid strap has a couple of main advantages:

  • It has less bulk and enables your watch to sit lower on the wrist.  Traditional NATO straps have double the material underneath the watch. We have always found the secondary loop to be redundant and for years have been cutting them off of our NATOs to save some bulk.
  • It fits a broader spectrum of wrists more comfortably.  You can wear the Weber-type NATO as you would a traditional NATO strap, but the hardware is precisely made to enable a double-back shortening that's not possible on other straps. This enables a very short strap to be made with the excess concealed smartly underneath. Perfect for wrists 7 inches (18 cm) and under.


Three Ways to Wear a Weber-type NATO

1. Weber-type / double-back style

This method eliminates the excess strap length at the beginning of the process and hides it underneath. It creates a very clean look and is especially well suited for smaller wrists.

  • Step 1: Tuck the strap under the first retaining band and pull through. This is your adjustment loop - if you want the strap tighter, leave a larger loop here. For a looser strap, pull the full length tight.
  • Step 2:  Fold the strap and double back through the same retaining band.


Step 3: Pull tight - the double folded strap will not be able to again pass through the retaining band.  

Step 4:  Now you have a shortened strap with the excess hidden on the underside. Pull the watch all the way up the length of the strap and fasten.


2. Traditional NATO style

In this configuration, the watch is advanced up the entire length of the strap. Excess is folded in a bunch just beyond the top lugs, near the wristbone.



3. Buckle-in style

This is identical to the traditional NATO, except that the watch is only advanced about halfway through the length of the strap. The buckle sits just below the bottom of the lugs, on the inside of the wrist, and excess is folded underneath on the palm side.